Hello, Tom Ward here. Comedy is my one true love – I leave my phone on at night in case she calls, and I’ll always take her back even though my friends warn me against her.

In August 2020 I WAS due to do my 4th solo show at Edinburgh Festival….but, well we all know what happened there don’t we? So ‘Return of The Love Machine’ will have to wait. Yes, times have got strange. I usually gig all around UK (and sometimes Europe and Asia) but that’s on hold for now while the world gets better…

In the meantime if you like your podcasts I recorded one called ‘People Talk’ with Jeff Innocent in 2018/19 and a stellar line up of comedians who came in for a chat…All 7 episodes are on Spotify and iTunes NOW!

You can find plenty of my stuff on Youtube too. Among other things…

Me hosting Lad Bible / Wrigley’s viral video series ‘In my personal space’, interviewing 7 different celebs.

On Comedy Central’s ‘Roast Battle’ and ‘Stand up Central’ in 2018. That same year I was official tour support for Joe Lycett (off the telly).